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Pharmacokinetics (PK) properties are often critical to the success of a therapeutic, and previous reports have suggested ~15% of Phase 1 clinical studies fail due to inadequate PK or pharmacodynamics properties. This is especially true for antibodies, where typically longer half-lives are desired for therapeutics to decrease dosing frequency and increase efficacy. Conversely, a short half-life may be desired for in vivo diagnostic mAbs where toxicity and off-target effects should be reduced. Creative Biolabs has a comprehensive drug half-life assay technology platform including both in vitro and in vivo drug half-life detection services to help our customers accelerate their drug development process.

Albumin-based half-life extension model. Fig.1 Albumin-based half-life extension model. (Sleep, 2013)

Importance of Drug Half-life Assay

Lack of efficacy continues to be a major driver of drug candidate attrition, particularly during Phase II and Phase III clinical trials. While it may be difficult to anticipate the extent to which target modulation translates to efficacy, drug candidates should exhibit sufficient exposure and target coverage to allow evaluation of the validity of the biological mechanism. The vast majority of biopharmaceuticals are based on endogenous peptides and proteins. The half-life for different intracellular protein fragments varies between a few minutes and several months. In addition, the degradation (decay) rate for many proteins changes drastically during the cell cycle and in response to diverse environmental or physiological cues. The stability and turnover of proteins in live cells is a carefully controlled parameter that affects numerous biological functions, cell cycle, transcriptional control, or DNA damage response are just a few examples. Additionally, the half-life of specific proteins is altered in pathological situations such as viral infections, neurodegenerative disorders, or cancer. A better understanding of the degradation rates of specific proteins in different conditions would facilitate drug development for various human diseases.

Custom Services of Drug Half-Life Assay Development

Creative Biolabs has been focusing on drug development for years and thus accumulated extensive experience in drug half-life assay. To optimize our technology platform, we have invested a lot of manpower, material, and financial resources. Our platform is now equipped with advanced equipment and an excellent scientist team to provide professional services to global customers. We provide personalized services from both in vitro and in vivo assays according to the different needs of our customers.

Drug Half-Life Assay Development Services Drug Half-Life In Vitro
Detection Services
Drug Half-Life Assay Development Services Drug Half-Life In Vivo
Detection Services

If you are interested in our services, or you meet any questions in drug half-life extension research, please don't hesitate to contact us for professional solutions from the Ph.D. level scientist team.


  1. Sleep, D.; et al. Albumin as a versatile platform for drug half-life extension. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2013, 1830(12): 5526-34.

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